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We envisaged a peaceful, healthy and fun lifestyle within a beautifully landscaped project, as close to the Cape and its natural wonders. Kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and trailing, scuba diving. We have selected one of the choiciest locations on the island, by the sea and very close to the Blue-Flag Konnos Bay. The Artisan Resort is the project available physically closest to the Cape Greco Nature Reserve and it operates under a code of practice that aims to create awareness about the National Park and conserve resources.
Because of the particular design brief and its ecosensitive location we are designing each home to be amongst others a stylish habitat and a green base for exploration and outdoor living. Full specifications and construction quality exceed most if not all of the best available projects. The Artisan Resort is designed to excel in at least 30 different ways to any of its competitors and will leave its mark just as the Philostratos 1 project did a decade ago when it introduced adequate by today's standards thermal insulation,  landscaped grounds and private pools for each property.
As both the architect and the developer in this project, and also as owners of one of these homes ourselves, we would be pleased to invite as neighbors persons and families who share similar sensitivities in life. For reservations please click here .