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lania villas

A beautiful country setting in Limassol Vineyard district. These plots (some still available for sale) are on a south-facing slope, bordered on the north side with a cliff and a river. The site is just downstream the river which adjoins Lania Village, with its medieval setting and still surrounded by vines. 

The land has been subdivided into 1,000m2 and 2,000m2 plots of land. Nearly all of them are top grade, each giving inspiration to the loveliest buildings that can be had. Upgraded road networks, the highway to Troodos and the completion of the new roundabouts in Limassol, the new private schools and universities, sports complexes and Limasosl town just 20m away give these large plots the opportunity to live a gentleman's life.  More content on this project shall be gradually uploaded on our site; please accept our apologies during the meantime.